On June 29th, the group hosted a Reception to launch the report of its 6-month investigation into the trophy hunting industry.
Speakers included:
  • Rt Hon George Eustice M
  • President Khama of Botswana, who banned trophy hunting in his country
  • Dr Jane Goodall
  • Maasai senior elder Boniface Mpario, who  commented on the brutal removal of his people from their ancestral lands in Tanzania to make way for a huge new trophy hunting estate.
  • Sir Roger Gale MP
  • Eduardo Gonçalves, founder of the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting
Our second documentary, Land of the Free: Out of the Shadows, had its world premiere.
See a slideshow of images, kindly provided by Rabbi Jeremy Lawrence. Rabbi Lawrence recorded the voiceover for our film trailer.


Rabbi Jeremy Lawrence and Eduardo Goncalves

Seating for Illustrious Attendees

President Khama of Botswana

Boniface Mpario

The Reception

Sir Roger Gale MP addresses the group

The reason for being there...

See some explosive press clippings and articles below.

The Times reveals that Britain's pro-hunting lobby is funded by top allies of Vladimir Putin

Click HERE.

The Guardian says the American gun lobby is behind campaigns to block a British trophy ban

Click HERE.

• The Times urges MPs & Ministers to not be swayed by industry efforts to thwart a British ban

Click HERE.

The Daily Mail reveals that trophy hunters kill an animal every 3 minutes - and that Britons are amongst the world's worst animal serial killers

Click HERE.

The Independent reports that African leaders are pleading with MPs to ban British hunters shooting their endangered wildlife

Click HERE.

***  Trophy hunting is the relic of a bygone era that should be relegated to the trash can of history with the same shame as other acts of human barbarism that were once legal and considered socially acceptable such as slavery, child labor, wife beating, killing of indigenous peoples, and chemical castration of gay men.  ***

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