Gallery of Heroes

Below are the incredible people who have helped us on this journey that became a mission and is now a movement. Included is Cliff Simon – one of our most passionate supporters – who sadly died in an accident shortly after completing his narration of our movie, Land of the Free: In the Shadows.

We could never reach out in the way we have with our movies and this website were it not for the following people…

Our sincere thanks to them.

Larry Korman

For believing in us when no one else did. For being the first to put his hand up to put money in. For introducing us to his wider circle of family, friends and colleagues who subsequently also substantially helped fund the project. For sharing our passion and vision and holding the faith.

Cliff Simon

When we were discussing who should narrate our first film Cliff told us, “You know I’m not going to let anyone else do it!” This became the last project he ever worked on, a mission he was so passionate about that has become his legacy.

John Mitchell-Adams, Destinations Africa

For his unwavering support and leading by example to shoot only with a camera, take home only memories, and leave only footprints.

David Rogers - Australian Firefighters Calendar

For his fearless and passionate support of the voiceless, for being a champion of so many causes and for stepping up to help with the next phases of the Land of the Free mission with funds from the 2022 Australian Firefighters Calendar sales.

Sir Roger Gale - MP (UK)

A friend and supporter for nearly a decade prior to the “Land of the Free” project being conceived, a 37 year veteran of the British Parliament having held such elevated positions as Speaker of the House and Vice Chairman of the Tory Party, the man who spearheaded the ban on fox hunting in the UK, Chairman of the Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation, “our man” in the British Government and an all round champion of all animal rights everywhere.

Korin Korman

For believing in our mission and supporting the project in many unseen ways.

Meryl Harrison - Former Chief Inspector Zimbabwe SPCA

For being the catalyst for this journey, for stepping in where angels feared to tread, for never giving up or giving in despite personal loss, physical danger and against all odds.

This woman is not just a champion but a true hero.

Gitta Brocatus - Artist, Belgium

For painting the stunning leopard as a prize for the largest donation to the cause in 2020.

Kerry David, Film Producer

For providing the leopard image as Gitta’s inspiration.

Linda Richardson-Korman

For her generous donation and support (and winner of our painting!)

Karen O'Brien

For sorting through hundreds and hundreds of files to help us make sense of them.

Super-Twins, Nadia & Farrah Kochi

For behind the scenes file compression and conversion assistance “beyond the call of duty.”

Sue Lake-Harris, Author and Mentor

For designing this website in spite of a gazillion other commitments.

Priscilla Presley

For her unwavering support. For being unafraid, passionate and determined. For stepping up and stepping in. For believing and for being a friend.

James Ganiere, Film Producer

For never being prepared to quit. For always finding a way even when everything seemed impossible. For his vision, direction, passion, belief and technical brilliance and for always doing all of that with an infectious smile on his face.

Aldwyn Altuney

Another who has been on this journey since day one. Aldwyn has been our personal photo journalist, a frequent fundraiser, a devout believer, and always there with a helping hand and a ready smile.

David Bartlett

A new arrival to the team in early 2021, Dave Bartlett, our Post Production Producer, quickly became a fully engaged and impassioned member of the team who was, and remains, ready to go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure the success of the mission.

Mzansi Youth Choir of Soweto

For their amazing composition and incredible performance of, “The Last Minute”/Umusi Wethu.

Kirstine Lumb-McKay

Another on this journey since day one, Kirstine is the reporter who doggedly refused to let go of this story for the first FIVE YEARS when every obstacle you can imagine was thrown in our path. Eventually, Kirstine broke the story in 2006 with Tippi Hedren, Lynn Santer and Meryl Harrison in a major cover story on the Nine Network’s prestigious Sunday Program.

Mauritz Lotz

For composing the moving score to Land of the Free: In the Shadows.

Richard Loring

For licensing us his title track from “African Footprint”, We are the Children of Africa.

Reg Dickason

For being part of the journey from day one. For helping us understand what was involved in a covert operation. For making yourself available to come out of the shadows and into the light. For firmly standing by the project for over 20 years.

Pippa Hankinson and Ian Michler of Blood Lions

Helped with research and footage, and their tireless campaigning has led to the introduction of legislation to ban canned lion hunting in South Africa.

Virginia McKenna OBE and Will Travers OBE

The Founder and President of the Born Free Foundation. As star of the immortal 1960s classic “Born Free”, Virginia was one of the original inspirations for the Land of the Free mission. As a friend for nearly three decades she has been an endless source of information and encouragement to never give up and never give in.

Tippi Hedren

Has been an unwavering part of this mission since day one. Her passion and dedication to the cause is dauntless. Her friendship and guidance is priceless.

Lynn Santer

Founder of Land of the Free mission and co-producer of the Land of the Free films. A woman who has respectively (and perhaps respectfully) been called Firebrand, Bull Terrier, Xena Warrior Princess, A Force of Nature and a few other names not fit for print! When Lynn is on a mission – watch out!!

Eduardo Goncalves - Founder and CEO of Ban Trophy Hunting UK

Eduardo has been a tireless campaigner for the cause, garnering massive media coverage and liaising with legislators to get laws changed while exposing the truth behind the lies and propaganda perpetrated by the trophy hunting industry in a series of books, webinars and social media presence that is fearless and unrelenting. 

*** Together we will switch the species on the endangered list to…

…the trophy hunter. ***

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