Hall of Shame


Graphic images of trophy hunters and their victims appear below.

DO NOT PROCEED FURTHER if such images will cause distress…

Do you have an image of a trophy hunter you’d like to add to the Hall of Shame? Do you have footage you’d like to tell us about?

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Below are some of the people who have gratuitously killed animals, many of them endangered, purely for a trophy. We have blurred out the faces of children and put them in a separate section for legal reasons. The remaining images are displayed in accordance with “fair use” provisions.

We have taken best efforts to ensure all information is accurate and correct. If you feel an entry on this site is not accurate and correct, please bring it to our attention and we will act accordingly.

Land of the Free is opposed to all gratuitous killing, especially of endangered species, for pride, pleasure, and/or profit. We do not oppose genuine subsistence hunting that is carried out in a humane manner where a non-endangered species is consumed as food.

The Adults

Additional images are being added frequently – there are many more to come!

Click on an individual image to see it in full.

The Children

*** Take a picture, not a trophy, that’s how real men (and women) shoot. ***

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Do you have footage you’d like to tell us about?

Here’s your opportunity – please fill in the form below.

*** You may be eligible for a reward of up to USD $500 ***

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