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Here you you will find links to videos, audio clips, and special events (either hosted by us or hosted by others who support the cause to end trophy hunting). Like our Articles pages, items and information here will be added to periodically. Once events are completed, they will be removed.

Occasionally, we will share material from the trophy hunter’s perspective, that we hope you will oppose via comments on the link/s you may be taken to.

If you know of an event or video/audio clip that’s relevant, tell us about it by sending an e-mail.


Harvey Brownstone from Canada interviews Eduardo Goncalves. Harvey is one of our staunch supporters with a big following on his YouTube channel. If you visit this website, you already know about Eduardo Goncalves and his many years of campaigning in support of conservation, and his founding of the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting. Watch this great interview.

  • Watch the interview HERE.


Click HERE


The interview with Lynn Santer and James Ganiere, Emmy nominated production partner and director of our internationally acclaimed, multi-awarded short film “Land of the Free: In the shadows” can be seen now at the link… AND (drum roll) the film IS NOW AVAILABLE to stream from Mojo Streaming from all territories of the world outside of the USA (USA will be available from June) at the other link below.

  • Watch the interview HERE.
  • Watch the trailer HERE.

Want to see how trophy hunters are lured onto their killing spree holidays? See this clever spoof website that exposes the types of deals on offer HERE.

This video of the killing of a bear caused this outpouring by the Hall of Shame’s founder, Lynn Santer.

Sons of a cesspit 🤬🤬🤬🤬. Why WHY go ALL that way to kill a beautiful animal living in its own environment not doing a moment’s harm to anyone? A million miles from anyone‼️”

See what caused her anger HERE.

See Land of the Free: In the Shadows’ documentary producers – Lynn Santer and James Ganiere – being interviewed by Harvey Brownstone HERE.

Watch the Humane Society of the United States’ short video on the auction of un-wanted trophy animals and the items made from them HERE.

This is where it all began – a film made in 2001. It might be dated now, but see our beginnings HERE.

The Oscar winning theme song from the immortal classic film, Born Free, starring our good friend Virginia McKenna OBE (founder of the Born Free Foundation), has been remixed by Queen’s Brian May as a tribute to Cecil the lion. Watch the video HERE.

This compilation of headlines, images, and statements by famous Brits opposing trophy hunting and the import/export of trophies is an eye-opener. Go straight to Eduardo Goncalves’ webpage HERE.

Hear Sir Roger Gale, MP, speak about the need to act to stop trophy hunting – time is running out. Click HERE.

Trophy hunting lies are exposed in this video. Learn about the US changes to laws that permit the importation of trophy animal parts, and more, HERE.

See Worldwide Rally Against Tropy Hunting’s (WRATH’s) Facebook events page for information and dates for their rallies – London and Birmingham. Click HERE.

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