Articles Part Three

Learn more about trophy hunting – the sad facts and and what is being done about it. This page offers links to articles in pdf format that make it clear that trophy hunting is still big business with devastating outcomes for wildlife and communities.

*** WARNING – some articles contain graphic images – do not continue if these will cause undue distress. ***

Visit often – new articles are added frequently!

This ex gamekeeper offers Brits the chance to go to Africa and enjoy the thrill of conservation through big game hunts...

…We don’t find blood lust particularly thrilling, and it certainly doesn’t conserve the lives of the animals involved.

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Find out what makes trophy hunters tick...

…Psychology Today interviews Eduardo Goncalves, founder of The Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting, anti-trophy hunting activist and prolific author.

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Boris Johnson made a promise two years ago to ban the import of trophies...

…He didn’t follow through, so read about the UK MPs and celebrities who are pushing forward with a planned new law.

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This looks like a case of one juvenile killing another...

…What are some parents teaching their children?

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Ten short stories...

…All leading back to trophy hunters and the lie about conservation.

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Some distressing facts...

…About the Safari Club International’s convention and what’s on sale.

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How has the hunting community been able to convince groups that trophy hunting is a tool for conservation...

…When studies and reports clearly show it’s not sustainable and doesn’t support wildlife diversity.

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British hunters will no longer be able to bring home sick trophies from their kills...

…An amazing announcement made in The Mail on Sunday – December 5th, 2021. Victory for the animals! Common sense and decency prevailed.

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As one person put it to us, "Best newspaper headline I have ever seen!"...

…Britain Tells its Big Game Hunters to Piss Off.

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This book exposes Britain's big game trophy hunters...

…We wonder why they think it’s something to be proud of.

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The public was outraged over Cecil the lion's killing...

…Yet the result has been an increase in British trophy hunters killing lions.

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Canada has critically endangered wolves that are still hunted...

…One hunter thinks it’s appropriate to decorate his entire barn with his kills.

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It's Christmas - time to feel warm and fuzzy about reindeer...

…While hunters travel to Norway to shoot them.

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Tripadvisor-style testimonials...

…Hunters boast about their experiences on a hunting website.

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Surely no one needs polar bear rugs...

…Apparently several thousand people did.

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The tactics that pro-hunting lobbyists use...

…Now they’re employing charm rather than science to influence decision makers on the ‘benefits’ of trophy hunting..

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Nine out of ten British voters...

…Want trophy imports banned. As reported by Ben Webster in The London Times (Dec 7, 2021), “It’s a political no-brainer.”

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British Parliament has voted...

…In favor of the animals. No more importing of body parts to hang heads on walls, to make rugs or umbrella stands. (As reported in The Times of London – 10 Dec, 2021).

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***  Trophy hunting is the relic of a bygone era that should be relegated to the trash can of history with the same shame as other acts of human barbarism that were once legal and considered socially acceptable such as slavery, child labor, wife beating, killing of indigenous peoples, and chemical castration of gay men.  ***

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