Articles Part Two

Learn more about trophy hunting – the sad facts and and what is being done about it. This page offers links to articles in pdf format that make it clear that trophy hunting is still big business with devastating outcomes for wildlife and communities.

*** WARNING – some articles contain graphic images – do not continue if these will cause undue distress. ***

Visit often – new articles are added frequently!

She insists she's helping animals...

…Stopping poachers and creating jobs is the claim.

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Britain is named and shamed for producing elephant hunters...

…They should have given that up in the Victorian era.

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Sometimes social media bites back...

…And this woman was on the receiving end.

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This is what you do if you're a trophy hunter and you hear about a rogue rhino in Namibia...

…You apply for a permit and offer to “fix” the problem with your gun.

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You have to wonder if someone is a bad shot...

…When you find him proudly posing with a dead cougar that someone else killed.

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It's not that common to see an Aussie trophy hunter...

…But when you have family in South Africa, AND a job in Australia in conservation, it seems a rather strange combination.

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If you want to know what Ricky Gervais thinks of trophy hunting polar bears...

…You can read his opinion.

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So poachers are banned but trophy hunters are encouraged...

…We’re not sure about the logic of that.

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This woman thinks killing an animal in rut is the ultimate bonding experience for her and her husband...

…We think that sort of “bonding” is perverse.

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The senseless killing of two young elephants makes this conservationist furious...

…He’s right – and we all should feel the same.

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A Prince kills a bear in a protected area...

…It appears he didn’t even have a  permit.

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Trophy hunting can result in termination...

…Sometimes a hunter loses employment.

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Read the article about this impactful, insightful book...

…Penned by the amazing anti-trophy hunting crusader, Eduardo Goncalves, you can get the big picture here.

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Not just on the land...

…Legal whaling is losing us rare hybrid whales in Iceland.

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Apparently old moose tastes bad...

…So why did this man hunt it?

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An auction by the Safari Club leads to...

…More killing in South Africa.

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Oregon State Governor supports conservation efforts...

…Or does she? It looks more like she supports hunters and fishers.

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Our Hall of Shame founder isn't impressed by this hunter's efforts to traverse great distances to kill...

…Her words are: “Sons of a cesspit 🤬🤬🤬🤬. Why WHY go ALL that way to kill a beautiful animal living in its own environment not doing a moment’s harm to anyone? A million miles from anyone‼️”
Perhaps you will feel the same after you watch the video.

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Pig hunting from a helicopter isn't a thing, is it...?

…Unfortunately, yes. Read about it and other trophy hunting secrets in this article.

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What sort of person kills a lion for fun...?

…One journalist goes undercover to find out.

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***  Trophy hunting is the relic of a bygone era that should be relegated to the trash can of history with the same shame as other acts of human barbarism that were once legal and considered socially acceptable such as slavery, child labor, wife beating, killing of indigenous peoples, and chemical castration of gay men.  ***

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