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‼️‼️‼️ We're on to the House of Lords... the third and final reading of the Bill to ban the imports of trophy hunting JUST PASSED THE HOUSE OF COMMONS 😁🤩🥳🙌👊💪✌️ Thank you thank you THANK YOU to everyone who has helped in every way to get this historic victory across the line. God bless Eduardo Gonçalves and the fearless, tireless work he has put in on this. Now... WE FINISH THIS!!!

Best of Festival Win!!!

While we are all busy getting excited about our Official Selection at The Santa Fe Film Festival next week, this quietly happened…

We won not just an award but…
***** BEST OF FESTIVAL *****
at the Nature Without Borders International Film Festival, the sister festival of Doctors Without Borders. A Best of Festival win, and only a Best of Festival win, means automatic consideration by Worldwide Motion Pictures Corporation, Adler & Associates, and Cardinal XD Distribution for worldwide distribution. We are beyond thrilled and grateful for this important recognition from Nature Without Borders International Film Festival. Thank you so much on behalf of all the voiceless who need this story to be told.

What an honour for our second documentary - Land of the Free: Out of the Shadows - just being selected means the film will be eligible for an Oscar nomination! And we won!!

June 29th, 2022 in London - All Party Parliamentary Group on Banning Trophy Hunting

The group meets, AND, our second documentary, Land of the Free: OUT of the Shadows, has its world premiere…

This event is so important, we’ve created a whole page dedicated to it with images and articles.

Click Here

On November 25th 2022, the Bill to ban the imports of trophy hunting passed unopposed through the House of Commons in London in a landmark, historic victory. In 2023 the Bill makes its passage through the House of Lords. We will keep you posted.

Welcome to the Hall of Shame

Here you can add your voice to our roar to ban the practice of, and the ability to practice, trophy hunting of endangered species. Our ongoing activities include but are not limited to:

    • Supporting and collaborating with lobbying and campaigning efforts to ban all shipment of all body parts of all endangered species on all carriers by sea, road or air from anywhere to anywhere in the world;
    • Monitoring and where appropriate recommending changes to the CITES list of endangered species in collaboration with other groups involved with us;
    • Continuing to be a credible voice where legislative changes are being debated;
    • Supporting and collaborating with lobbying and campaigning efforts for changes in legislation that recognize sentience in all creatures;
    • Exposing nefarious and subversive activities of pro trophy hunting lobby groups;
    • Raising awareness of critical issues through a series of non-fiction and dramatized narrative films; and
    • “Naming and shaming” the worst culprits on this site so you can make an informed decision as to where your vote and your custom goes.

Our biggest honor yet for Land of the Free

Better than all the laurels. Eduardo Goncalves, the founder and CEO of Ban Trophy Hunting, is THE number one most respected, active and credible person in the world in the anti trophy hunting movement. He’s published several books on the subject, received numerous awards, attracts constant media, was a key witness in the recent evidentiary hearing in the House of Commons, he has several major celebrities and heavy weight politicians in his camp, and his entire life is completely devoted to this cause. For us to be THE ONLY external group outside of the Parliamentary Committee linked to from his website (the other links are all Eduardo’s) is an enormous testament to the respect and credibility he gives our group, as well as recognition of the power and influence we are wielding.
He is working closely with us on our second film.
Yes, it’s a David and Goliath battle… but David won‼️
Together we WILL — WE ARE — switching the species on the endangered list to…
the trophy hunter‼️‼️‼️‼️

Click either image to visit the official Ban Trophy Hunting website.

Thank you to the Cannes World Film Festival for this powerful tribute from our win in August or 2021.

Please watch the tribute by clicking on the image.


Thanks also to the Mykonos International Film Festival for honoring us with another win!

The Sun in the UK , 21 October, published an explosive article on the World’s Worst Trophy Hunters.

Land of the Free

Is a brand that encompasses:

  • A series of non-fiction documentary films with information gathered over 20 years including covert operations and collaboration with like-minded groups including but not limited to the Born Free Foundation, Blood Lions, Ban Trophy Hunting UK, the UK Parliamentary Committee on Animal Welfare and lobbyists based in Washington DC, South Africa, Australia and the UK;
  • Lobbying and campaigning for legislative change;
  • Bringing awareness, shining a light on the shadows of both people and organizations that have been flying under the world’s radar for decades; and
  • Producing dramatized narrative feature films that tell the stories about how we began, the obstacles we have had to overcome and what we have achieved to date.

Why we do What we do

  • Because the raw beauty, the ancient majesty and the undisputed magnificence that is Africa must be preserved both for future generations and to prevent a stain on the soul of humanity that can never be erased.
  • Numbers of iconic and unique wildlife are plummeting due to habitat loss, climate change, poaching and trophy hunting. This isn’t just happening in Africa, and we do not confine our activities to Africa, but Africa is the most popular destination for (predominately American and British) trophy hunters and therefore a center of our attention.

Here is a reminder of what we can, we must and we WILL preserve…

Click on the image below to screen the video.

Music – Umusi Wethu by Mzansi Youth Choir Soweto. Composers – James Bassingthwaite, Alfred Phakathi    Footage – Untitled Film Works


Priscilla Presley

WOW! Bravo Lynn!  What encouraging feedback! I am sooo touched.  It is YOU… the force behind this that is making a difference. The impactful film, people’s responses and your tireless time, energy, love and dedication that you have put into this whole project.

I pray every night this will win all the accolades it so deserves…leading to ending the trophy hunting of these beautiful animals.

It’s beautifully done, to the point and heartfelt. The message is very clear!

Much love,

Priscilla 🌹

Harlan Boll - publicist for The Emmys


I usually don’t have time to watch more than a minute or two of something and watched the whole thing … even ignoring the phone.

I wanted to immediately post something on Social media but didn’t of course … yet

H xxx

John Mitchell-Adams, Destinations Africa

Lynn what can I say? I sat and watched with tears streaming down my face!!  Brilliant just bloody brilliant dear lady.

Love to you.


David Rogers - Australian Firefighters Calendar

It’s compelling Lynn, I hope it gets the recognition it deserves. The music with the vision of the animals at the end is absolutely magnificent! It leaves you with a feeling of how in the hell could anyone kill such beautiful animals!

Jannie Zaaiman - Director Mzansi Youth Choir

Dear Lynn,

What a powerful message! Brilliantly conveyed! So happy there is a South African flavour on the music side!!

Sir Roger Gale - MP (UK)

Vile! The successors to the slave traders.

Thanks for the preview: It would be wonderful to recruit much-needed additional celebrity endorsement and financial support.

R xxxx

Debra Batzofin - South Africa

This is absolutely brilliant.  Well done to you and your team. Bravo to all of you. This has to win!

John Thompson – 2019 Albert Schweitzer Award recipient, Washington DC

OMG, it is awesome! I had tears in my eyes. Hollywood, Washington DC, STEP BACK – Lynn is on her way!!

Julie Wolfe - Account Manager, Provident Financial Management

I watched it late last night.  It broke my heart in two.

When I first started watching it I thought for sure it was ‘China’ who was the main culprit, but much to my horror it was Americans!!!

How in the world could the Smithsonian be part of this Trafficking.  I thought they were one of the good guys!!!  So much for thinking.

I hope you get world wide release soon, we need to STOP this insanity.

Please let know how it goes and anything I can do to help.

With a very sad heart, I say thank you for sharing your amazing film.

Meryl Harrison - Former Chief Inspector Zimbabwe SPCA

Lynn my Friend – you picked up the baton from me 20 years ago, and have run with it with unwavering courage, determination, and integrity, never giving up your ultimate goal to expose the totally unacceptable cruelty perpetrated by the Trophy Hunters on the world’s precious, diminishing wildlife.

You are now on the final lap, the finish is in sight- what a journey it has been for you –  take pride Lynn in a job so well done

Cathy Osborne - Public Figure

Oh Lynn I just watched the 15 min film I wanted no distractions and to take it all in. Wow so many emotions atm, first, losing cliff what a loss , the bloody political propaganda behind it, god it makes me so mad their evil infiltrates so many facets and corners of this earth. U feel like being a trophy hunter after their heads . It was so well produced, well done, you were great, the ending simply stunning, if that doesn’t conjure up one’s emotions and capture attention then not sure what will. Hats off to you all and for what you have done thus far and continue to do, you’re all amazing god bless. I’m ashamed to say I really wasn’t aware fully of what was happening. Now with the Queen’s involvement (how awesome ) wow. I will be praying for a breakthrough like no other and for a successful outcome at the film festivals.

Aldwyn Altuney – Media Queen

Just saw it. Tears rolling down my eyes. So powerful, so sad & yet so hopeful. Congratulations! I LOVE IT!! 20 years on- WOW!!!  Well done. I really hope it gets recognised for the masterpiece it is xox

Gitta Brocatus - Artist, Belgium

This film, especially the footage with the murdered animals, really hits me with a bang. It’s that powerful.

The fact that the hunters get all those awards for their cruel killings hits equally hard.

The music (piano) with the last interviews was a bit overpowering to me but that’s just a detail.

Hearing and watching Cliff makes me want to see the movie over and over and I didn’t know him so I can imagine how hard this must be for you.

Daniel Loh - Daniel Loh Media UK

Very powerful watch! The 15 minute film flew by and I know there’s so much more to be told in the longer cut. Congrats on all of your hard work to get this made and out into the wild 😉

Alby Mangels

I just want to let you know that your website, awards, heroes and cause are awesome, professional and very powerful.

I support you all the way and hope I can assist in some way.

Alby Mangels – World Safari

Christophe J. Poizat - Ambassador for Defending the Endangered - Vice President of Cannes World Film Festival - Remember the Future

Dear Lynn,
I truly applaud your initiative and wholeheartedly support it. We must continue to be a voice for the voiceless until all wild animals on this planet can roam free without the threat of being assassinated by poachers/trophy hunters. You can count me in to join forces, united we’re so much stronger.
With love & gratitude,
Christophe J. Poizat

Karolina Bomba - Founder & President of Cannes World Film Festival - Remember the Future

Dear Lynn,

What an amazing warrioress you are! Congrats for launching your “Humanitarian Hall of Shame” website, hats off!

I’m really blown away by your courage and determination. Thank you for being such a bold woman!

I’m very happy your film “Land of the Free” has won in our Festival in the Best Nature/Wildlife category!

The subject of your documentary is raising such important issues, we need to get rid of all those brainless poachers & trophy hunters.

We must help all those beautiful animals to live fully in peace without any threats!

We fully support your important mission and you can count on us to help spread your message and roar by your side! So, let’s roar! Remember the Future!

Love & Light,


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